Meet Temitope

I am very curious and have a strong interest in Technology and the various applications possible across industries and the solutions possible for various challenges that we face.

I decided to start my career in Cyber as I was hearing a lot about very significant cyber breaches and the impact that was having.

My education

I did Maths, Physics and Economics at A Level.

I went on to study Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

Senior Cyber Security Consultant

I have over 2 years of experience within the cloud and infrastructure capability. I have worked as a member of the Network Security team on IDS/IPS profile tuning; Firewall Ruleset Management tooling and Business Critical Applications Micro-Segmentation using VMware NSX. I also has experience in Resilience, Disaster and Cyber Recovery - assessing and uplifting the client's technical recovery capability with strong domain knowledge in operations, resilience, networking and infrastructure.

Meet Hannah

I have always been interested in technology, but was daunted by prospect of a career in cyber having come from a non-technical background.

I made the move into cyber security consultancy and have not looked back. I have since gained professional certifications in cyber security, data privacy and resilience including SSCP, CIPP/E Privacy and ISO22301 Lead Implementer.

My education

I come from a non-technical background.

At university, I studied History at the University of Nottingham before starting my career in Business Development at KPMG.

Senior Cyber Security Consultant

I am a Senior Cyber Security Consultant in the Manchester Cyber Team at Deloitte.

I sit in the Strategy Capability at Deloitte working with a range of clients from various sectors supporting on cyber security projects to help organisations improve their cyber security defences.

This enables them to protect their data, business operations and in some cases, protect critical national infrastructure of which the country relies on.

Meet Lisa

I originally come from a ‘non-cyber’ background.

During my seemingly unrelated studies, it was becoming apparent that technology was a consistent theme throughout, permeating parts of our society and areas that were initially thought to be unrelated.

As I ventured into work, I found myself in the technology sector, eventually ended up in Cyber.

My education

I originally come from a ‘non-cyber’ background.

Having undertaken the International Baccalaureate (IB) at school, I went on to study Economics and Finance at the University at Durham, followed by a master’s in Social Sciences at the London School of Economics.

Cyber Security Senior Consultant

At Deloitte, my work as a Cyber Security Senior Consultant has included ‘Secure by Design’ – ensuring that software and products are designed with securely in mind.

I have also worked on a variety of projects that involve operational technology, cyber culture and awareness, in addition to governance, risk and compliance.