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CyberTV showcases lots of fantastic videos including interviews, vlogs and discussions from students, apprentices, and industry experts.

Content is submitted by teachers and students at our CyberFirst Schools and Colleges, as well as industry, academia and governmental CyberFirst Members.

Whether you're looking for a 2 min video or a 10 minute interview, you'll find lots of things to watch on CyberTV.

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Knowledge Nuggets - CyberFirst, NCSC

These knowledge nuggets were created for NCSC's Empower Cyber Week. Each knowledge nugget covers a different cyber topic and has an associated video and activity. The content is aimed at 12-13 year olds but is suitable for students in KS3 or higher.

CyberChef Tutorial Video (video)

Knowledge Nugget 1: Being Cyber Aware (video)

Knowledge Nugget 1: Being Cyber Aware - Teacher Pack (link)

Knowledge Nugget 2: Binary 101 (video)

Knowledge Nugget 2: Binary 101 - Teacher Pack (link)

Knowledge Nugget 2: Binary 101 - Worksheet (link)

Knowledge Nugget 3: Logic Gates (video)

Knowledge Nugget 3: Logic Gates - Teacher Pack (link)

Knowledge Nugget 3: Logic Gates - Worksheet (link)

Knowledge Nugget 3: Logic Gates - Cheat Sheet (link)

Knowledge Nugget 4: Secrets (video)

Knowledge Nugget 4: Secrets - Teacher Pack (link)

Knowledge Nugget 4: Secrets - Worksheet (link)

Answers for Knowledge Nuggets 2-4 (video)

Knowledge Nugget 5: ASCII & Unicode (video)

Knowledge Nugget 5: ASCII & Unicode - Teacher Pack (link)

Knowledge Nugget 5: ASCII & Unicode - Worksheet (link)

Knowledge Nugget 5: ASCII & Unicode - Answers (link)

CyberFirst Girls Competition Highlights

CyberFirst Girls Competition 2021- Virtual - Highlights (video)

CyberFirst Girls Competition 2020 - Highlights (video)

CyberFirst Girls Competition 2019 - Highlights (video)

CyberFirst Girls Competition 2018 - Highlights (video)

Empower North West 2022 Cyberfirst Girls event by HOST (link)

Student Advice from Industry

These videos have been created by CyberFirst Regional Partners, cyber security companies, and industry professionals for students wanting to know more about cyber careers and the skills needed to succeed in the industry.

CyberFirst South West – Let's Talk About Cyber Careers (video)

Love for the Job - John, CGI (video)

Be Noticed - Katie, CGI (video)

Adapt to Achieve - Andrew, CGI (video)

Women In the Workplace - Rosemary, CGI (video)

Increase Your Skills - Will, CGI (video)

Student Industry Interviews

Watch CyberFirst Schools and Colleges students interview a variety of industry experts - Students asking the questions they really want to know!

Lauren & Caitlin + Sophia McCall, Co-founder of Security Queens (video)

Hannah & Sai Quiz Cyber Security Expert Sarah on Risks, Accountability + Ethics (video)

Abby + Dr Mary Haigh, Director of Cyber at BAE Systems (video)

George + Krystal Ryan, BAE Systems (video)

Kendra + Mel, CACI (video)

Beth + Matt Lewis, NCC Group (video)

Kendra + Kinjal Dave, BAE Systems (video)

Emilia + Will Hoad, CACI (video)

Emilia + Kevin Dunn, NCC Group (video)

Abby + Shamaila Hussain, BT (video)

The Lockdown Vlog Series

The Lockdown Industry Series was created to connect students with industry experts during lockdown to continue exciting, inspiring and educating students on the incredible opportunities available within the industry. Thank you to Cyber Cheltenham (CyNam) for sharing the videos.

Tamzin - Cyber Security Associates Apprentice (video)

Josh - BT Cyber Security Degree Apprentice (video)

James - Ethical Hacking at PWC (video)

Aaron - Electronic Engineer at BAE Systems (video)

Mel - Delivery Manager at CACI (video)

Izzy - Security Consultant at NCC Group (video)

Abhi - Executive Principal at NCC Group (video)

Craig - Managing Consultant at NCC Group (video)

Scott - Security Operations Centre Manager at Microsoft (video)

Celebrating Women in STEM - Ada Lovelace Day 2020

Originally created to commemorate Ada Lovelace Day in 2020 and celebrate women in STEM, the NCSC CyberFirst Schools initiative showcased modern inspirational talent in the cyber and digital world. Hear from incredible individuals from across the cyber and digital industry talking about their careers, experiences, inspirations and more!

Introduction to ALD 2020 - Chris Ensor, NCSC Deputy Director (video)

What can Taylor Swift teach us about cyber security? - Dr Jessica Barker (video)

'I Stumbled into Cyber Security by chance' by Yejide Adeoye - Founder of Logic to Create (video)

How to build a dragon in 40 days - Angela Parratt, NHS Digtial (video)

A hop, skip & jump through my squiggly career - Sam Hart, Capita (video)

Women at BAE Systems talk about their different careers and experiences (video)

Importance of Diversity by Indi Birak, Managing Security Consultant at Fujitsu (video)

Megan Pentecost from British Heart Foundation and her journey into cyber security (video)

Balancing careers and motherhood - Vicky Hick, BT Head of Service Operations (video)

Women in STEM with Tamzin Greenfield - Cyber Security Associates Junior Cyber Threat Analyst (video)

Lydia from CACI - Why being a problem solver is inspirational (video)

Learn about Identity Management and digital footprints from Women at Nettoken (video)

Fiona Kinghorn - CEO and Co-Founder of InsurTechnix (video)

Laura Alvarez Modernel - AWS Public Sector Programs Manager (video)

CGI UK President Tara McGeehan explains how women help shape the tech industry (video)

Lisa Tam - Deloitte Senior Consultant (video)

Laura Hyatt - AWS Solutions Architect Public Sector (video)

Lesley-Ann Jordan - IBM Software Engineer (video)

Women at NDEC talk about their different careers and experiences (video)

Mel from CACI talks about her role models (video)

Temi - Deloitte Cyber Service Line (video)

Marie Yap, AWS Principal Solutions Architect (video)

CyberFirst Students Discuss:

Hear what students at our CyberFirst Schools and Colleges (formally known as the Cyber Schools Hub) have to say in these topical discussions!

Sexism + Gender Equality - Wydean School (video)

Identity + Stereotypes in the digital age - Wydean School (video)

The CyberFirst Defenders Course - Cleeve School (video)